Saturday, September 22, 2012


  • "Everything will be all right in the end.
     If it's not all right, then it's not the end..."
    (the best exotic marigold hotel)

    I was thinking maybe it was the end
    of blogging
    having a blog
    being a blogger
    thinking of posts and taking photos
    and then
    but maybe not
    well not yet
    some have written to ask if all is 
    it is
    just about
    I have just felt the need 
    to be quiet
    so I have been
    but I do think that the time of blogging is drawing to an end
    so many have gone already
    and so many lie still and quiet
    some only post once a week now
    it seems the time for
    has come
    so many blogs have moved there and even "shops"
    but I still haven't figured that one out
    I don't need to know what you ate for dinner
    or what you plan to eat for dinner
    and Instagram
     is just gloomy and dark
    with all those weird and annoying photo edits
    so I'll be back soon
    if anyone even gives a twopenny curse after all this time


    I did just watch the movie that quote up there is from
    it was sweet
    it was OK
    it was predictable
    but I enjoyed it
    so many good actors
    it was hard to be a complete flop 
    so hang on a bit longer and I'll be back with

    ))))))((((((  NOTHING   )))))(((((((

    so all will be well and back to normal around here
    I know how most of you are as I see you in the various places we frequent
    but how the hell are the rest of you
    one reason I haven't shut all this up is that there is still a lot of traffic
    flying in from all over
    find it hilarious that I haven't done anything in weeks and the numbers keep going up

    maybe I should stay quiet more often