Monday, September 24, 2012

a Monday post.....

some of you will remember that when we were here last
well. last before last...

the work du jour 
was the mohair shawl
it's finished
so I took a picture
but boo humbug ewww yuck...
no light


out we went into the sunlight and brightness
e voila
lace in the sunshine
ain't she purdy????

can you get your head around sights like this
it's already ...that time again
this was a fast one wasn't it???

:}  :}  :}

and for those of you who said you missed this
(and you know who you are!!!xxx)
well here it is again
still there
a little worse for wear
the water level came back up a bit 
thanks to the storm we had last week
but we could use lots more
I know
some of you have had enough 
but we haven't
the geese were off somewhere else
and the ducks were too far away to be able to see them properly
but we have a few who come by every so often
not like they used to though
it's a beautiful autumn day here

 and blue
 and breezy

 so am I
hope you are too



Tammy said...

Your shawl is lovely as are your surroundings. It is still so hot here. I wondered what you were up to over there. I don't do Facebook ... doesn't interest me at all. Work keeps me so busy that by the time I get home, I have no energy left, and definitely no creative energy flowing. And I don't feel creative, I find it hard to put a post together. As with everything, there are ebbs and flows. Hope you have a great week. Tammy

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm... you're doing SOMEthing right. I calculate you're getting over 100 hits a day. There's 3 on right now while I write this .. British Columbia, Saskatchewan and California!
The white is gorgeous. I've pulled my pathetic attempts out and tie them round my neck these cool days. I wish they were a bit longer!