Sunday, December 21, 2014

when all of a sudden...

a great light did appear

a well known form of travel was near

it's lights 
were bright and twinkly

and a sight quite old 
and wrinkly

did rush past me
 in a flash

he had a beard
 a red hat
 and a bag full of stash

he had his list too
and he was checking it twice 
(and the fact that he does this  every year
 is always so nice)

he ho ho'd 
and he smiled
 and the kids 
well some 
went wild
others whimpered behind their mums
the smallest of all sucked their thumbs

in a flash
(or lack thereof)
in one great zoom

he was gone
he went poof
Santa left the room

and all we have
 is this proof.....

the annual running of the jolly old man in a red suit

(PS the reindeer don't do the list checking run
they stay home in the warmth of the stables)